Happily Ever After 

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Paws at a Time.

Meet The Founders


Shannon Mekelburg

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Working in the animal welfare industry since 2015 Shannon Mekelburg is passionate about ALL THINGS DOGS, with her favorite breeds being the Pitbull and English Bulldog! Her personal Pitbull Banjo was proof that no matter what a dog has been through in its life, it is NEVER too late for a fresh start and a HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Shannon prides herself in making saving lives FUN, and is always looking for new ways to become involved in the community and give back!

     When not rescuing dogs Shannon enjoys spending time with her family, living a sober life that ROCKS, listening to music, and is obsessed with nice cars! She believes every soul on this planet is deserving and worthy of a happily ever after and she grants them one soul at a time with the help of the entire rescue crew! After all, there is nothing more magical than paying it forward!

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Anne Williams

Anne is a Colorado native currently residing in Taos New Mexico. She loves dogs and has 2 Bichons named Molly and Edward that are her babies! Anne enjoys art, movies, reading, and is a retired lawyer. She is a proud co founder of Happily Ever After and is thrilled we will be bringing up stray dogs to their Happily Ever Afters in Colorado!

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Meet The Team


Stacey Lustig

Treasurer & Founder

Stacey Lustig is a Colorado native who currently resides in Steamboat Springs! She is a retired computer programmer who spends her retirement backpacking, traveling, doing yoga, and participating in multiple philanthropic endeavors. Stacey believes it is our duty to give back to souls less fortunate and her life is a walking example of this!


Shayla McAllister

Lead Clerical Volunteer

Residing in Fort Collins Colorado Shayla loves animals and her amazing family! As a stay at home mom she raises her kids to know the power of giving back and is a fundamental piece in keeping our organization up and running smoothly!


BobbieJo Sexson 

Web Design 
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A Colorado native,  life long equestrian, and animal lover, BobbieJo finds home with her husband and kiddos in Northern Colorado. She is  a stay at home Mama, raising toddlers and empowering others around her through her passion for marketing and motherhood.  BobbieJo believes there is no other way to live: than to give back, lift up, and believe in all of your dreams.